Monday, August 8, 2011

Art is Patriotic!

This morning I had the great fortune of attending the re-dedication of the Frank Roach American Legion Post #34 in Rock Hill, SC. You may be wondering why I would be attending such an event, but as it turns out two Winthrop University Fine Arts Department students Bryanna Smith and Alastair Hutchinson were the reason for my visit. A few months ago the American Legion contacted the Fine Arts Department for a new project they had in mind. They needed students to come and paint murals on the outside of the building in order to draw attention the the building itself, as well as, the work the American Legion does within the community. Two students offered their help and began the tedious work of painting in the summer heat for a noble cause. I asked Bryanna and Alastair why the agreed to such a project and both answered that they felt a sense of duty to help with their artistic talents since they were not planning to go into the military. It was THEIR way of giving back and recognizing the sacrifices made in their defense as fellow Americans. The event closed one lane of Cherry Road and Mayor Doug Echols, as well as, Legion Members recognized the students for their hard work and civic mindedness. Bryanna and Alastair were asked to hold the ribbion for the ribbon cutting ceremony. It was a proud moment for all involved! Many thanks goes out to Bryanna and Alastiar for being model Winthrop University Fine Arts students that value comminuty work just as much as their artistic technique. Thanks!