Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Welcome to the new Winthrop University Arts Blog! I have a few ideas for this blog, so leave a comment and tell me what you think. I thought about going around campus and taking photos of the art located on campus and sharing a little information about each piece. I also want this blog to celebrate the achievements of the College and Visual Performing Arts Alumni working in the area and beyond, as well as, our current students successes. Basically, I want to connect with you, our community of Winthrop University supporters, friends and new friends to create dialogue about the arts at Winthrop University. I am a real person and look forward to the interaction with arts lovers everywhere! Until then, cheers and let the arts begin!


  1. so...WU is a real person--that's new! I feel like the arts gets neglected among the plethora of other events and happenings (*cough* athletics *cough cough*) Also, I feel that student series performances in the music dept should be put on the site. Perhaps the community (or should I say lack of community in rock hill) doesn't know these performances are free. Let's use the arts as avenue to create a vital connection between the university and the greater span of Rock Hill/York.

    I do have to say I am impressed by the video blogs and the insightful commentary. This site is a great start to identifying the face of Winthrop.

    This site reminds me of clay...clay that must be molded by the community and university together to define WU's fresh face.


  2. whoa! scratch that! Student recitals ARE on the site.

  3. Thanks for the comment Alyssa! I agree that arts events get overshadowed sometimes, but if you ask me athletes are just a different type of artist using their bodies and strength as tools of creativity. There is form, balance, space and time all working together and guided by the performer on the stage or the field :) in front of an audience. If you feel like Rock Hill is lacking an artistic community, you should form a group (be the change you wish to see), attend an opening at Gallery Up or a performance at the new Community Performance Center downtown. Winthrop arts is just one piece of a larger puzzle and when added to all of the other arts experiences Rock Hill has to offer, I think it makes a pretty great picture :). Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Well played and well written.

    I agree athletics do have an aesthetic that is akin to the visual and performing arts. There is an ‘art’ to the skill involved, as well as human endurance and strength that can be quite alluring.

    So...Why is the art of athleticism tend to get more funding and crowds generally speaking? Is the answer is beyond WU and the city of Rock Hill? Perhaps it is a cultural embedment...or the every growing progression of technology that has changed mediums of art. Music (as I am more familiar with) has had some strain lately. With cuts in funding and the every growing demise of the classical orchestra, who cannot say that the arts are commonly being ignored in the realm of funding new and interesting performances to draw new audiences? Is it wrong for me to say that athletics do not take precedence in funding?

    Maybe I should make a group and encourage the arts in the area, and attend more arts events. You make excellent points. Your insight into this topic is appreciated. Thanks :)